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Recycling Metal Vichos | Implementation of copper extraction on the market.

After the Trump report on tariffs in Europe where it affected steel, aluminum also failed to negatively affect the copper market as its demand is steadily declining. A reason for declining demand and increasing reserve available is North America copper mines, increased sales by 2.4% per annum to 384 million pounds, Freeport expects sales of …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The two major U.S. announces

The two major U.S. announces

According to the financial Times, the U.S. Treasury has made two important announcements this week, the first is that if Oleg Derϊpaska sold his share to Rusal, he could reduce or lift the sanctions on the operation.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Controlled drop of aluminum

Controlled drop of aluminum

When Trump’s report on customs duties on 25% steel and 10% aluminium for imports into Europe, it has brought the expected price reduction. So the London stock market recorded a 4.3% drop in size with the price declining under the 2100 dollars per tonne.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The stabilization of lead

The stabilization of lead

From the fall of the remaining metals, lead holds the reins of the dispute, with the index record rising at a rate of 3.8%. This rise characterizes grey metal as a strong market for investors, as its price had been represented in 7/2011.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The fall of aluminium

The fall of aluminium

After a dynamic start of the year, the price of aluminum has started its downtrend. Recording fall during 22 days with the honor is located at 2158 dollars per tonne. Then recovers the lost ground with the price at $111 to expand per tonne.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The retreat of aluminum

The retreat of aluminum

With declining aluminium price evolved as the price broke the aperture of $2100/MT. Aluminum prices on the London Metal Exchange registered a 1.6% to $2.068 per tonne, having reached 2,053 dollars, the lowest level since August 16. The negotiation after the official closing price was on track for its biggest one-day drop since April 2016.

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The stability of brass

For days they spent brass dimioyrgeisai positive territory for the rest of the month. This is primarily due to the rise of copper. As she recorded a rise of around $82/mt compared with the previous month. Zinc was boosted by mid March up and at the end, with the price touching on $2666/mt, another metal …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Aluminum


By building recession continuing and PVC taking hold more economically impossible aluminum portion. Profile Extrusion companies recorded from 20 to 40% drop in both turnovers both in their production.

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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the progress of your metal .San most recognized forecasting company and aluminum analysis so today, like the other times have the idiom to inform you about developments. Production of brent oil from 34 $ to 38 $ per barrel has brought decline of …

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Τhe company RMV warns rising drop in metal. A key factor in the drop in international metal is the reduced demand of primary material. One more key player within days are the days of feasts. Nowadays these foundries which collect sufficient quantities of the Greek market will stop deliveries. This happens every year due to …

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