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Recycling Metal Vichos | FIX BRASS


The movers of the brass showed a fall setting and overview of brass. Copper most directly affects the price of brass in connection with other metals, though important factor is and zinc in its value.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Aluminum


By building recession continuing and PVC taking hold more economically impossible aluminum portion. Profile Extrusion companies recorded from 20 to 40% drop in both turnovers both in their production.

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Analysis on Lead

Another metal that has been affected by the events of the specified conflict is lead. But the growth conditions for lead is positive.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Course copper

Course copper

During the passage of the month March copper recorded an adjusted drop, which is evident from 03/01/17 until 09/03/17 with $ 377 price difference .In then corrected with the price reaching $ 5981.48 in mid month. During these days showed unadjusted fluctuations and promoters of recorded decline .

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Rising iron

Rising iron

Rise of the iron of 10 cents a kilogram. This is due to the massive demand for the metal in the domestic market.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | voltage metal

voltage metal

Voltage metal in relation to crude oil Byrd The Brent marker was highly variable but the beginning of December rose where it reached 54 points, the August registration mark 2015.

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FORECAST aluminum

The price of aluminum, the metal with the second largest after the use of steel in recent years squeezed as the market faces oversupply problems and soaring stocks. As a result, the industry and the aluminum resold is greatly reduced compared to the end of December 2015, a decrease of 40% on turnover. The main …

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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the course of your metal .Etsi today spending such an initiative to inform you about the developments that are happening and that was going to happen for copper The procedure of our copper shows the voltage during two months, he has continued to …

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