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By building recession continuing and PVC taking hold more economically impossible aluminum portion. Profile Extrusion companies recorded from 20 to 40% drop in both turnovers both in their production. The purchasing portion opposite aluminum and PVC is about 65% to dominate aluminum 30% PVC and 5% to hold the wooden doors and windows.
With all this rates is the market leader in aluminum, therefore nowadays aluminum and particularly affects our profile and we are interested in the same and other years where there was no recession in our country.
Although yet to absorb 35% of other factors aluminum rises with the international index rests at $ 1952.25 / mt.Sygkekrimena March recorded a positive trend starting price $ 1920 / mt and continued closing $ 60 difference.
A figure that connects the positive development is the considerable interest of Russia to invade OPEC organization. Following a report by the Russian Industry and Trade Minister, Denis Manturov, which transmits the Russian TASS agency says the idea of ​​creating an organization for their aluminum producers, on the sidelines of an economic forum in Sochi.
Our report under these facts is that creating a stable and mature trend with the price be limited to 1900 $ / mt .The important thing is that the demand for primary cast material is weak point which limits the price of Scrap and raises the price defterochytou of material.

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Written by Theodoros Vichos