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In the last months of the year 2016 the aluminum indicator has moved with rising trend compared to other months of the year .The Asian markets show a firm attitude which varies with 1300-1450 Yuan relative to other countries, which range from 1500 to 1700 $. Reason is the reduced demand of defterochytou aluminum market in Europe. The global market success rates as has China, let us take note and let us ponder the consequences will cause the introduction of the rod profile in China.

Since our last report associated with aluminum will see in the diagram where our predictions corresponding to aluminum ratio. Aluminium update

Our conclusions as a company that studies the tendency of metals is that the index will move up to $ 1,750 for 5 to 10 more days. After this interval starts reaches 1620- $ 1650 .This practice for the Greek market is reduced 5 to 10 cents a kilogramαλουμινιο

Written by Theodoros Vichos