clientsRecycling Metal Vichos (RMV) is a leading company in the metal recycling (Scrap). Some elements that stand out us from the competition are:

  • We have extensive experience in the field. People fully qualified and trained ready to carry out even the most ‘difficult’ work.
  • Objectivity, consistency and sincerity are some must have adventages for any people who work with us.
  • We are being trustedby big business throughout Greece.We have modern technology equipment that guarantees the safety and proper disassembly.
  • Our services are aimed at protecting the environment so that it can keep clean and friendly to humans and for future generations. So we do not reject any harmful substance to it.
  • We follow strict procedures for dismantling and collection of recycled materials.
  • Our services apply to the needs of each customer.
  • Prompt and friendly service from the begining to the end of the process.