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The movers of the brass showed a fall setting and overview of brass. Copper most directly affects the price of brass in connection with other metals, though important factor is and zinc in its value.

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Fall of iron

Fall of iron of 10 cents a kilogram. This means reduced demand for primary ylikou.’Enas important factor which aims at the fall of the iron is that the industries of Greece reduces processing and workmanship reason is the reduced taxation in neighboring countries eg. Turkey, Bulgaria. For these reasons the company Recycling Metal Vichos supports …

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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the course of your metal .Etsi today spending such an initiative to inform you about the developments that are happening and that was going to happen for copper The procedure of our copper shows the voltage during two months, he has continued to …

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The RMV company warns fall of the iron of 10 cents a kilogram. The driving force behind the drop is due to the geopolitical changes taking place in the world, and falls to the general stock market indices .Akoma an important indicator of iron are cut and fall of oil which has reached $ 31 …

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Τhe company RMV warns rising drop in metal. A key factor in the drop in international metal is the reduced demand of primary material. One more key player within days are the days of feasts. Nowadays these foundries which collect sufficient quantities of the Greek market will stop deliveries. This happens every year due to …

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