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The RMV company warns fall of the iron of 10 cents a kilogram. The driving force behind the drop is due to the geopolitical changes taking place in the world, and falls to the general stock market indices .Akoma an important indicator of iron are cut and fall of oil which has reached $ 31 a barrel. Our forecasts for the future is that the scope for price increase of the iron is very small and up impossible not exceed 12 units of kilo.
In cases as done at this time, our company ensures that our cooperation in the most possible way, the ‘information’.
This is the way we can improve to reach absolute clarification level in our dealings. To reach a high level we would like from your side to us attach some clarification and even some idea of ​​where we can achieve it together.
For information on current prices but also the course of developments call us or send us an email.


Why evolution is cooperation!

Written by Theodoros Vichos