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Recycling Metal Vichos | The two major U.S. announces

The two major U.S. announces

According to the financial Times, the U.S. Treasury has made two important announcements this week, the first is that if Oleg Derϊpaska sold his share to Rusal, he could reduce or lift the sanctions on the operation.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The fall of copper with small risk

The fall of copper with small risk

Readjusted course until today at 15/2/18 has undergone copper, with the price not exceeding 7,200 dollars per tonne. Specifically in the daily sessions of the days that passed the red gold closes with a drop in relation to the prices of January. This fall is imprinted with 2%.

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The stability of brass

For days they spent brass dimioyrgeisai positive territory for the rest of the month. This is primarily due to the rise of copper. As she recorded a rise of around $82/mt compared with the previous month. Zinc was boosted by mid March up and at the end, with the price touching on $2666/mt, another metal …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | fix lead

fix lead

An equally metal shaping his path in accordance with other important minerals that flows in the international industry. The Lead was strengthened in March where he continued his path until the beginning of April. But the prices but also the events the demand vary continuously, Namely recorded large watershed of about $99 until corrected in …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | fix copper

fix copper

The day before our report we had reported a fall of around 6%, with the passage of days our copper‘s attitude led to a further fall. This fall you create from the negative course of general index of Shanghai, where he recorded fall 1.8% influencing the production and import of raw materials. In mid-April he …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Aluminum


By building recession continuing and PVC taking hold more economically impossible aluminum portion. Profile Extrusion companies recorded from 20 to 40% drop in both turnovers both in their production.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Analysis of Brass

Analysis of Brass

Throughout the course of the March record for the primary cast metal was negative. Thus affected metals to form various metals are primary materials, one of them is brass.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Course copper

Course copper

During the passage of the month March copper recorded an adjusted drop, which is evident from 03/01/17 until 09/03/17 with $ 377 price difference .In then corrected with the price reaching $ 5981.48 in mid month. During these days showed unadjusted fluctuations and promoters of recorded decline .

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Recycling Metal Vichos | BRASS


Our continued progress is displayed in the wording of the relevant data indicating the brass. Brass shows increase of about $ 163 kilo .This has brought a positive result for the new year.

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