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For days they spent brass dimioyrgeisai positive territory for the rest of the month. This is primarily due to the rise of copper. As she recorded a rise of around $82/mt compared with the previous month. Zinc was boosted by mid March up and at the end, with the price touching on $2666/mt, another metal that washed away by rising is the lead. Lead presented rise between 5 days in the same period with copper and zinc. From the ratios of markers among the three metals showed a rise of 2%.

The brass in the egchwria market was strengthened in connection with but Greek metals industries. So the brass in Greece too the differences that have been the instigators of not suffered some decline. The road to stabilization of the yellow metal will be checked by the evolution of red metal (copper) for the coming months of 2017.ορειχα


Recycling Metal Vichos | The stability of brass
Written by Theodoros Vichos