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Recycling Metal Vichos | The smoothness of lead

The smoothness of lead

After the fall of aluminium, copper and other metals, the drop of lead was not excluded. Creating a fall of 5.6% and with the price amounting to 2335.75 per tone. Similarly to other metals during this time lead is more powerful in investments, as its fluctuating tendency was smoother.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Implementation of copper extraction on the market.

After the Trump report on tariffs in Europe where it affected steel, aluminum also failed to negatively affect the copper market as its demand is steadily declining. A reason for declining demand and increasing reserve available is North America copper mines, increased sales by 2.4% per annum to 384 million pounds, Freeport expects sales of …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Aluminum Drop Warning

Aluminum Drop Warning

Since our last report on aluminum, the fall has not stopped haunting the marker. After six days of trading the index fell by 3.2% with the price to be at 2027 USD per tonne. The company Recycling Metal Vichos, where it deals with the collection and management of recyclable material, informs you about the current …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Overview of 2017 aluminum

Overview of 2017 aluminum

This arthw regards the international aluminum price as well as a few pointers where influence in one degree of movement. Still intended to partners of our company has complete ongoing updates to the year 2017. This precious metal which we are honored to hold a large proportion of worldwide, on on the rise.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The small risk of copper

The small risk of copper

From the start of the new year, the price of copper is gradually beginning to slide down. Fear the risk of red metal has shrunk. The information of December till today (17/1/18) have reflected the progress the index. The reason for small risk comes from the wording of the company Jiangxi Copper Corp to increase quantities of 400,000 metric tons means in 2018.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Comparison with previous years 2017 close

Surpassing analyst expectations the aluminum marker for the 2017 appears ascendant and steady trend, regardless of minor fall suffered through time. With the rise of this insures anerchomeni market as the course until today is based on the 2200 dollars per tonne.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The prediction of the red metal

The prediction of the red metal

After a continuous fall of 10 days of red metal showed a rise. The rise of this increased and futures in multinational stock of India, according to the copper prices on the London Metal Exchange. Copper prices at the London Metal Exchange decreased to three weeks as expectations for strong demand in the top consumer China reinforced by data showing steady industrial activity. The growing stock market indices on Wall Street had strengthened sentiment and sparked a wave of buying industrial metals markets.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The increase in the price of brass

The increase in the price of brass

From the rise of copper, zinc and lead the price of brass showed a rise of about 6%. For the increase analysts had informed us in the formulation of September for the future evolution of the metals where they came out winners.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Large mining of lead

Large mining of lead

With increasing moved the lead by 3% in value to $2,486 kleini in tone, since he reached the $2,606, where was the highest of the 4 October. In London the international lead zinc study group believes in an increase in mining mines worldwide by 5.6% where is calculated to 5.06 million tons. The 2017 and with slight increase at 1.1% to 5.11 million tons in 2018. The rise in 2017 will be mainly due to the higher production in China with smaller contributions from India, Kazakhstan and Canada. Also with an increase of 3.7% estimated at 11.58 millions …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Αluminum drop

Αluminum drop

In our last report we mentioned the international price reduction and an increase in the price of extruding. With this result the anticipated availability of aluminum is the fall. One such issue of international price and the increase of material deyterochytoy is the retreat in demand both in the egchwria market and the international market. …

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