Aluminium Profile

It consists of profiles of windows and doors, unpainted or painted, without irons, locks, antimony, rolls with polyurethane, knobs and thermal bridges. Also it should not contain panels and aluminum dross.

Soft Aluminium

It consists of utensils and aluminum foil, free of iron and plastic, without foil, cans, window blinds, aluminum refrigerators, aircraft aluminum and hard aluminum.

Hard Aluminium

It consists of purified aluminum from automotive engines and aircraft, free of iron, brass, extensive dirt and nonmetallic elements.

Refrigerators Aluminium – Bronze

It consists of purified aluminum coolers – copper and / or aluminum fins in copper plumbing free from brass pipes, iron and other impurities.

Box Aluminium

It consists of pure aluminum cans, free of iron, burnt cans, dirt, liquids and other impurities.

Lithography Leaves

It consists of lithographic sheet, free of paper, plastic, excessive existence of ink and other impurities.

Aluminium wire

It consists of pure aluminum wire, without ACSR, irons, grease, clamps, insulation and other foreign elements.