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Recycling Metal Vichos | The smoothness of lead

The smoothness of lead

After the fall of aluminium, copper and other metals, the drop of lead was not excluded. Creating a fall of 5.6% and with the price amounting to 2335.75 per tone. Similarly to other metals during this time lead is more powerful in investments, as its fluctuating tendency was smoother.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Implementation of copper extraction on the market.

After the Trump report on tariffs in Europe where it affected steel, aluminum also failed to negatively affect the copper market as its demand is steadily declining. A reason for declining demand and increasing reserve available is North America copper mines, increased sales by 2.4% per annum to 384 million pounds, Freeport expects sales of …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The two major U.S. announces

The two major U.S. announces

According to the financial Times, the U.S. Treasury has made two important announcements this week, the first is that if Oleg Derϊpaska sold his share to Rusal, he could reduce or lift the sanctions on the operation.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The reinforcement and the fear

The reinforcement and the fear

After Trump’s report on steel and aluminium duties, he imposed sanctions on Russia because of the attitude towards Syria, Ukraine and Crimea. These sanctions are so serious that it made a large industry collapse globally. Slumped’s share of 25% in the Moscow market and 50% on the Hong Kong stock Exchange. With this result, five …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Aluminum Drop Warning

Aluminum Drop Warning

Since our last report on aluminum, the fall has not stopped haunting the marker. After six days of trading the index fell by 3.2% with the price to be at 2027 USD per tonne. The company Recycling Metal Vichos, where it deals with the collection and management of recyclable material, informs you about the current …

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Lead approach for March

Lead approach for March

Since the fall of basic metals did not fail and lead, recording a drop of 251 dollars per tonne. The difference in relation to other metals is that the fall was created during the 53 days.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Small changes in copper

Small changes in copper

According to preliminary data from the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), global mining production is estimated to have decreased by about 2% in 2017, with condensate production declining by 1.6% and the extraction of solvents-electrolytic (SX-EW ) by 3%.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Energy Katoikon

Energy Katoikon

Many technical problems still exist on the electronic platform of the Saving Home II programme, with the result that engineers and energy inspectors cannot submit applications.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The stabilization of lead

The stabilization of lead

From the fall of the remaining metals, lead holds the reins of the dispute, with the index record rising at a rate of 3.8%. This rise characterizes grey metal as a strong market for investors, as its price had been represented in 7/2011.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | The two pathways of Lead

The two pathways of Lead

At the start of the new year the lead dropped where it doesn’t last for more than a day. The general picture of gray metal appears ascendant, with many ups and downs during the session. Yet the price of more than 2600 dollars per tonne, the price that we had seen on October 4, 2017. Is also supported for cancellation in Vlissingen and 5,000 tonnes to over 7,750 tonnes that were canceled in other European locations.

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