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After Trump’s report on steel and aluminium duties, he imposed sanctions on Russia because of the attitude towards Syria, Ukraine and Crimea.
These sanctions are so serious that it made a large industry collapse globally. Slumped’s share of 25% in the Moscow market and 50% on the Hong Kong stock Exchange. With this result, five large houses where aluminium are procured from Russia stated that they cannot continue to trade with the Russian colossus.
On one the duties of America and on the other the sanctions of Russia brought a compensation of the index to London and Shanghai.
The stock exchanges in these countries were reinforced and the index recorded an increase of 481 per tonne, translated to 19.4%.
In particular, from 2/3/18 to 4/4/18 the aluminum retreated unceasingly with a drop rate of 7.3%. Let’s note that the fall of aluminium internationally comes from the start of the new Year. As a given, the foundries that saw for three months a gradual downward spiral, asfalizan their merchandise and their purchase price up to 4/4/18.
However, from the latest data from 5/4/18 to 20/4/18 the price enischyotane unceasingly. The fear of Foundrys where to recall that they have kinds of large stock stocks is from the short period of 15 days. In these fifteen days the price soared and reached up to 2539 dollars per tonne.
The price of aluminum where it amounts to $2473 had again appeared in 1/8/2011. So if we base the price on $2400 then a new database will be created for the next few years.
With this result the domestic market is confronted as you create layers of exploitation from various companies where they produce aluminium.

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Written by Theodoros Vichos