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Attenuation due to even greater reduction in demand for aluminum and copper products in the domestic market, the downturn in prices on the world market and reduced demand for aluminum profiles in neighboring Balkan countries, presenting this year the production volume of Greek production and processing companies non-ferrous metals, which traditionally have a large part of their production to the international market.
Anddown this, while in 2012, a drop conditions for the overall production of basic metals by 6.2% and metal products by 10.4%, the losses in the sector exceeded 70 mil. Euros, due to a significant deterioration in the operational performance of the business , 66% of whom registered losses.
Production and processing of non-ferrous metals is significantly influenced by precipitation of domestic building and general construction and investment activity. Also, the manufacturing activity sector companies row affected by the general rise in energy costs and financing costs.
The weakening of the productive sizes of non-ferrous metals industry is accompanied by an accelerated decline in revenues after twelve months to September 2012 – August 2013 the turnover of basic metals companies has change -13.7% compared with -6.8% change in the respective immediately preceding twelve months, while that of metal products companies shows change -14.9%, against an expected change -7.0% in the preceding twelve months.
The gross sales of the joint stock company metallurgical sector, mainly involving the unique country of primary-cast aluminum industry, the first half of 2013 decreased by 7.9%.
At the same time, was marginally lower consolidated revenues of the unique Greek aluminum rolling industry, and was significantly reduced during the same period, revenues of extruded aluminum industries, which affected key of the slump in activity of PV projects, using mounts aluminum.
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Written by Theodoros Vichos