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After another month of hard bargaining with the Institutions, the index is rising trajectory .With the honor is Stis 655 units. But as the general picture of Greek shares progresses, the commercial market is constantly decreasing. Point that informs us about the reduced expectations for the goals it has the Greece position.
This, in the metal space expressed by an increase in international market prices. Specifically in aluminum price started from $ 1,800 and reached $ 1,916 between February and March .The aim of this is that such a rise in the already battered Greek market will be applied.
Another fact which is causing concern for development, is the large pool, located in facilities that exist in Greece but also in other parts of the world.
Based on these above our forecast of events for the course is that varies erratically despite rising. The reason is that countries with strong commercial potential which can absorb large quantities fail, why mismanagement within them.12

Written by Theodoros Vichos