Recycling Metal Vichos | The smoothness of lead
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After the fall of aluminium, copper and other metals, the drop of lead was not excluded. Creating a fall of 5.6% and with the price amounting to 2335.75 per tone.
Similarly to other metals during this time lead is more powerful in investments, as its fluctuating tendency was smoother.

In the market presented deficit from January to February of size 25,175 tons. This gave breath to the movement of the IQ where it touched at 2362 dollars per tone.
Between March and April the index showed a fall of 150 per tone, thus giving the reserve the right to increase by 14%.
The course of the grey metal will not be unpredictable on the basis of the latest figures and will continue with the price to have a base of 2300 dollars per tonne.


Recycling Metal Vichos | The smoothness of lead
Written by Theodoros Vichos