Recycling Metal Vichos | Large mining of lead
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With increasing moved the lead by 3% in value to $2,486 kleini in tone, since he reached the $2,606, where was the highest of the 4 October.
In London the international lead zinc study group believes in an increase in mining mines worldwide by 5.6% where is calculated to 5.06 million tons. The 2017 and with slight increase at 1.1% to 5.11 million tons in 2018. The rise in 2017 will be mainly due to the higher production in China with smaller contributions from India, Kazakhstan and Canada.
Also with an increase of 3.7% estimated at 11.58 millions tonnes and 1.6 per cent to 11.77 million tons are forecast by analysts for the global production of lead for 2017 and 2018 respectively. This would lead primarily to increase China’s production.
An expected 10.9% decline in production in the United States in 2017 will be influenced in part by a cut in production at the factory in city of industry Quemetco to California. This loss in production would lead to an increase in imports of U.S. metals refined lead mainly from Mexico and the Republic of Korea.
For 2018, production will benefit from the imminent start of mine Minera del CaribeCastellanos of Cuba, the recent assignment of Olympias Gold Eldorado mine in Greece and increasing production in Mexico, added the ILZSG.
Recycling Metal Vichos | Large mining of lead
Written by Theodoros Vichos