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During the passage of the month March copper recorded an adjusted drop, which is evident from 03/01/17 until 09/03/17 with $ 377 price difference .In then corrected with the price reaching $ 5981.48 in mid month. During these days showed unadjusted fluctuations and promoters of recorded decline .This small and unexpected drop was affected by the termination of Donald Draba for China. By extension, investors at all the world affected by the conflict conditions and the result became evident in March .Akoma and today the price of copper slid .Mas displays road signs like these where recorded in 2016.
Our assessment on the copper path based on these events is how to display correction mid-month, with the market demand to create affordable way for investments .Omos at the end of April to record a fall of 10%.

Written by Theodoros Vichos