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After a dynamic start of the year, the price of aluminum has started its downtrend. Recording fall during 22 days with the honor is located at 2158 dollars per tonne. Then recovers the lost ground with the price at $111 to expand per tonne.

At the beginning of February the indicator continues to recede more and more. This fall comes to create concerns for investors and unstable character for the rest of the month. The pressure you apply to the value comes from the increased reserve available where there is the top producer in China. South Korea seeks to buy 2,000 tons of aluminium to mitigate the market and demand, between April and may through separate tenders (source State procurement agency).
The development of China’s manufacturing sector remained increased in January, according to a private survey, although in contrast with an official survey showing a slight loss of momentum. The factories of Asia began 2018 dynamically, while industrial activity in many countries hit multi-year highs, as global demand for high tech products remained strong.
Written by Theodoros Vichos