Recycling Metal Vichos | voltage metal
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Voltage metal in relation to crude oil

The Brent marker was highly variable but the beginning of December rose where it reached 54 points, the August registration mark 2015.







Compared with crude oil moved and the price of copper which had marked decline in 2016, but has been rising trend during the period 17/10/16 until 15/12/16. The price reached $ 5,700 point recorded in June 2015.











Aluminum shows a large deviation compared with the previous year as the index of 15/12/16 is on $ 1730 where recorded in May 2015 and June 2015.


Based on these items in 2016 of various metals and even crude oil forged a point which relates to economic and geopolitical consequences. In this passage of the production year and the demand for raw material has been reduced greatly.

Recycling Metal Vichos | voltage metal
Written by Theodoros Vichos