The company Recycling Metal Vichos deals with the area of recycling-reflection metal since 1994. The premises of our company are located at Ionia Coast & Kandanou 4 in Keratsini. In RMV we have the vision to discover, to combine and provide our suppliers the most effective and quick methods of collecting and updating .The major goals set by our company is to ensure relationships with its suppliers. Always Cares relations created based on honesty and respect towards the needs of the supplier, he seeks to be healthy and lasting. For us to win a supplier is not our most important goals. We try to win him over and over and to offer a sense that to proceed in a cooperation with us will bring only positive elements.

  The metal recycling is a responsibility towards the environment. We convert industrial waste and residues into valuable material. Thanks to our activity continuous supply of recycled material is ensured while respecting the ecosystem. For each type of material collected by us we have applied the correct method of recycling. For this reason we are constantly by your side offering advice with reliable services. We guide you at each stage of decommissioning until the receipt of the materials.