Recycling Metal Vichos | Controlled drop of aluminum
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When Trump’s report on customs duties on 25% steel and 10% aluminium for imports into Europe, it has brought the expected price reduction. So the London stock market recorded a 4.3% drop in size with the price declining under the 2100 dollars per tonne. With the result of price reduction, it raised investor concerns and unstable character for the rest of the months. Great pressure exerted by steep increases in stocks, too much restrictions on foundry in China, this increase is imprinted with 18.7% in 30 days. It is a steep increase where it has never been presented for over 10 years, reaching the A controlled increase in stocks.

This increase translates into a sharp-looking kilo where the investors hide well hidden. The point is until they want to reach it and what they want to achieve with these events.
Since our last report the index has dropped continuously without having the right to a possible price correction. At the closing of the conferences on the London Stock Exchange the indicator is presented with a minus sign.

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Recycling Metal Vichos | Controlled drop of aluminum
Written by Theodoros Vichos