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According to the latest figures of the Greek Union of aluminum prwtochyto sales and deyterochytoy aluminum 2016 rose by + 4% compared to the year 2015.
The domestic market has absorbed the 45% of sales with a growth rate of 10% while exports remained unchanged. Corresponding sales rolled in 2016 increased close to 4%. The market absorbed the egchwria 13% where noted increase of 4.5% compared to 2015.

With the presence of the result, discern a increase of 15% in the domestic market.
Yet according to Greek statistics service the General index for jobs in industry in February reached 87.65 creating an increase of 8.5% compared with January. Specifically in the construction created an increase of 7.2% in manufacturing industries created an increase of 8%.
With all these results we see continuous rise despite drop in international aluminum price. By Mina April until today the general picture of aluminium falls with the price to be in $1900/mt with $109.50 difference. This image created curb rates for extruding as recyclable material undergoes shrinkage by 3.5% in value.
Specifically in April was trying with strong procedures to limit in $1940 and up, however, at the beginning of March the price succumbed to reduce Such negative created reαλουduction. processes market to investors.
Another important issue for the particular metal is the large reserve available that exists domestically. With increasing negative conditions creates an increase for the recyclable material (scrap) and potential price increase in extruding. The assessment for the course of a month is that the aluminium would range from the 1870 $/mt up in 1940 $/mt and like it has 1900 $/mt. Gives us the ability to rely on aluminum as compared to March 2016 where was beginning to recover despite the recession that had undergone the 2016
Written by Theodoros Vichos