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The price of aluminum, the metal with the second largest after the use of steel in recent years squeezed as the market faces oversupply problems and soaring stocks.
As a result, the industry and the aluminum resold is greatly reduced compared to the end of December 2015, a decrease of 40% on turnover.
The main reason is the reduction of -the household disposable income to replace their old aluminum production companies frames .The statistics showed us that 5% is replacement of old frames with aluminum and 10-15% is made by PVC.
These conditions affect both the domestic market and both the international market.
Specifically Joined the beginning of the month the price had reached $ 1649, yesterday closed at $ 1,555 with toggle rates of 0.81% by writing a small increase 33 points. Therefore these conditions increase the risk for major investors turnovers.
16.5.16The diagram shows the significant decrease between March and April, and a sharp decline for the month of May.
As the assessment points provide us for this period is that there will be a stability which will aim to increase the primary-cast aluminum.

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Written by Theodoros Vichos