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After two years of experience on the appropriate placement of metal, we managed to create pointers to metals which do not exist in LME prices. Thus there is no precise positioning onto certain metals, as is brass.
Brass (Bronze) create the composition of copper, zinc and lead (depending always what form we want to give it).
As a placement firm up our diakinisima metals prices recorded from the beginning of time until today, so that we have a price range until the end of time.
Specifically, the index at the beginning of the year seems to be located in the lower levels of the movement until today .Simeio that the fall of copper has made much where the $ 5483 .With the second glance it is obvious that we have rising trend for the brass, but large fluctuations for derivatives.
But this creates instability in our path too the rise of.




Written by Theodoros Vichos