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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the course of your metal .Etsi today spending such an initiative to inform you about the developments that are happening and that was going to happen for copper.
Copper is the most audited and unpredictable after gold .Etsi and its value is constantly changing, this is due to the unstable market trend.
Specifically, the price formed the state of events that make the whole world and particularly for countries that collect large amounts of copper such as China, German, America.
To have insight into the trend even today we should have a value from the previous month of the same day. That Stis 09/10/15 the price amounts to $ 5,319 a ton while in 09.11.15 is $ 4,990 a ton.

The differentiation of this value is due to the reduced demand of buyers .The result forms the primary cast and equally defterochyto. Note that the stock has been declining since the end of August. Copper had made such a great decline since October 2013

Today we can say that our forecasts for this metal will be downward, with unstable character for less than the end of 2015.
The chart shows the trend from early October until today.

As consistent competence but also diversify the functionality of SCRAP companies our company RMV will inform you about the current developments arise.

Written by Theodoros Vichos