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Surpassing analyst expectations the aluminum marker for the 2017 appears ascendant and steady trend, regardless of minor fall suffered through time. With the rise of this insures anerchomeni market as the course until today is based on the 2200 dollars per tonne.

12-18Yet an equally positive development for the index is the price climbed at 2012 prices, surpassing by far the 4 years to come.
κλεισιμο 17
At the close of the 2017 index bolstered by ignoring the formalities of analysts for a controlled fall and focuses the power of for the new year, where shows small drop size 1.4%.
Such precipitation rate is not affected because at the close of the session appears with a plus sign.
Another indicator of where exceeded expectations of analysts is PMI Greece. The business conditions in the manufacturing sector in Greece continued to improve during the last month of 2017, and to a greater extent in the space of one and a half years.
The growth was a result of a further significant increase in new orders from both domestic and overseas markets.pmi
Written by Theodoros Vichos