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The company RMV has long experience makes responsible and unscathed over the years .This has resulted in continually finding alternative methods of cooperation to potential suppliers problems. This makes it a pioneer in waste co .Akoma the RMV provides specific companies with stable quality material, achieving with this stable clientele suppliers.
The consequence for the company specified integer consistent cooperation to its suppliers. Therefore the proper information to the person responsible for the RMV achieve an excellent economic and responsible cooperation.

Our success is determined by your trust over the years, so they are the driving force for new collection methods and communication to you.
Information obligation for us is opposite to you .For this reason we have managed to continuously inform on possible price changes written and personal.
Finally we would like to thank you who show off on our first collection and service categories. So let’s try to keep what we have achieved to get to the top with you!

Written by Theodoros Vichos