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From the fall of the remaining metals, lead holds the reins of the dispute, with the index record rising at a rate of 3.8%. This rise characterizes grey metal as a strong market for investors, as its price had been represented in 7/2011.

This means recovering in its price and demand. An equally positive development is the reserve available, from October 2017 until today has undergone a reduction of 27.5% (see Figure 1).

More specifically, during the 30 days of our last report the index recorded abrupt fluctuations, closing WME positive sign. Still with the abrupt fluctuations, the fall was not missed. This fall occurred between 7 and 16 February, recorstock leadding 4% with the price being at 2483 USD per tonne. The future for lead will be fixed, with the index being priced at 2550 dollars per tonne, so it will remain on the investor’s tab for over a month.lead


Written by Theodoros Vichos