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This arthw regards the international aluminum price as well as a few pointers where influence in one degree of movement. Still intended to partners of our company has complete ongoing updates to the year 2017.
This precious metal which we are honored to hold a large proportion of worldwide, on on the rise.

The value of 2016 was limited to 1500 dollars per tonne, with the close of the year the index created heavy foundations in 1680 dollars per tonne. This was an achievement months as the fall where she had undergone time was 14 months. With this basis the white metal began to fortify and follows and the countries where diacheirizontoysan the raw material. H overview of metal where it was recorded for the year 2017is positive, analysts believe further increase and 2018. The risk of investors decreased over time, the reason was the continuous growth.
The aluminium stock over time from 2016 until the first month of 2018 is negative. The rate of the fall of the index was raised to 39% and is expressed with 1,809, 600t. With slipping this geopolitical affected countries that acted like powered aluminum wheels.αλουμινιο 2017
Written by Theodoros Vichos