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After a continuous fall of 10 days of red metal showed a rise.
The rise of this increased and futures in multinational stock of India, according to the copper prices on the London Metal Exchange. Copper prices at the London Metal Exchange decreased to three weeks as expectations for strong demand in the top consumer China reinforced by data showing steady industrial activity. The growing stock market indices on Wall Street had strengthened sentiment and sparked a wave of buying industrial metals markets.

Instead China from a statement of the Jiangxi Copper Corp to report, pointed to the demand that will be in 2018 that will increase the quantities by 400,000 metric tons. Yet the Chinese demand for copper concentrate is expected to grow further in 2019. The development of copper mining in China could not meet all the needs of casting, with estimated business just 80,000 million tons of new copper mining in China in 2018, resulting in degraded treatment and refining costs . He said that the negative impact on TC/RC expected from H2, 2018. The index recorded a rise by 3.8% win rate with the value amounting to $6883/MT.
In the light of these conclusions the future rise of copper will be displayed from 2018 onwards.copper
Written by Theodoros Vichos