Recycling Metal Vichos | PROGRESS OF COPPER
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Copper is affected by many components of different shares .The 2016 moved to a downward trend in comparison with other years. But the peculiarity of copper over other metals that investors storing large quantities for a period like this. Specifically in 2016 the copper stock was reduced by twice the quantity which is today.
In late 2016 began an upward trajectory, where the encounter today.
This is the day the election of Donald Tramba. The chart is visible on changes for 2016 and the upward trend at the end of 2016 until today.
The position our own company as responsible for your information, about these events that we left behind and that will occur in the future is that the copper trend will move to a level of ± 10% until May 2017.χαλκοσ

Recycling Metal Vichos | PROGRESS OF COPPER
Written by Theodoros Vichos