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Τhe company RMV warns rising drop in metal.
A key factor in the drop in international metal is the reduced demand of primary material.
One more key player within days are the days of feasts. Nowadays these foundries which collect sufficient quantities of the Greek market will stop deliveries.
This happens every year due to price insurance for eventual drop in prices.

$_1So for days, these values ​​may be reduced by five minutes a pound to 10 cents per kilo.
For these reasons the company Recycling Metal Vichos supports an effort selling your hardware. With the most powerful ways as the issue price or service. That is why we are and we will be partners of your major project.
For information on current prices but also the course of developments call us or email us to learn from the platform Instant metals pricing.images

Recycling Metal Vichos | WARNING FALL METALS
Written by Theodoros Vichos