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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the course of your metal .Etsi today spending such an initiative to inform you about the developments that occur for aluminum. With aluminum price stabilization noted the index, as the stock continues to fall from the beginning of 2014.
Specifically indices and stocks of precious metals such as copper, gold and aluminum, but many show an unstable, unpredictable and continuous mode. The copper price had reached $ 4.990 from $ 5.344, gold reached the 1087 an ounce by 1187.

δικτης αλουμινιο


While aluminum is formed respectively a decrease of 70 units at the end of October.
Today we can say that compared to metals but aluminum has a mature way, for those situations where affected by their strong trend, both prices and domestic market. In the chart you will see a decrease from November, but the trend to date.

As consistent competence but also diversify the functionality of SCRAP companies our company RMV will inform you about the current developments arise. Update for 10/11/2015

Written by Theodoros Vichos