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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the progress of your metal .San most recognized forecasting company and aluminum analysis so today, like the other times have the idiom to inform you about developments.
Production of brent oil from 34 $ to 38 $ per barrel has brought decline of the economy in countries where it is based on oil. But it is worth noting that the oversupply in the world, the OPEC decision to continue the over, but the decline of China and other developing countries are pushing the oil to even lower levels. Thus the turnover of export is reduced, due to decreased demand for products.22
So in Greece exports of industrial products which use oil has fallen sharply over the two months, although with the indicators of different shares are trying to stabilize.
Specifically, the ratio of aluminum record strong reaction on the order of 58 units with the highest levels of $ 1,590 per kilo, a point which complicates the purchasing demand. In light of this data, our forecast is that it will range from $ 1,530 up to $ 1,545 per kilo, with the market demand continuously decreased and the production falls.

Αuthor Theodor Vichos

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Written by Theodoros Vichos