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From ancient times until today lead to place too many objects of our everyday life. So hold the highest recycling rates of other base metals. During the last 10 years, the recyclable material has changed considerably in the management. As the legislation has become what hard metal where they cause many important diseases.
San exile material contained in international metal prices table. Its price is constantly fluctuating depending on demand and other factors which will be discussed.
During the year 2008-2017, the price ranged constantly and incessantly. Specifically in 2008 (see table) the price has surpassed the expectations of investors watching the price reaches $ 3,687, a point which until now has not exceeded $ 2,715 Also in 2008 was the largest drop has made in the course of 10 years old. After the passage of eight years recording the second drop in November 2015 with a difference of $ 120 compared to June 2010.
During 2015 to 2016, the price sank but reverted to price close to $ 2,010 a kilo. The sinking was the result of the closing of the stock exchanges, the next such a fall was inevitable .With the start of the new year rose to $ 238 by setting difference which brought the closing price for the year 2017 course.
Our estimate based on all of these events is for the month of May 2017 will create an uneven course which will close with a positive outcome. The overview will positively formed, a fact which will encourage investors and to the market demand.μολυ

Written by Theodoros Vichos