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With the rise of the Shanghai Stock Exchange recorded as metal prices increased despite the decline that prevailed in Europe. The format of Borsa in China affects directly the bronze because the 80% worldwide processes through China.

So this trend showed the rise where it has had an impact in Europe. But the countries that do not absorb large quantities like Greece the rise this will occur in the long term.I.e. the whole implementation of the climb in practice appears with two totals one iswhere it occurs with the rise in the international price and the other is the demand that epikrateite in the domestic market. To note that these sums have to make pricesof scrap materials.

The international price of copper presented unforeseen rise 9.8% size. This characterizes unstable and asymmetric with the rest metals. Specifically in late July copper was launched from the/mt $6024 in 6270 $/mt during two days. This value secured and made it the basis for subsequent days of August as the value amounts $6540/m.χαλκοσ

Written by Theodoros Vichos