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Start Aluminium 2017

At the start of the new year, the Chinese market for primary cast material begins to decrease, as the central bank announced an increase of short-term interest rates from the first day of the year. This helped European markets both in demand and in processing.
In Europe it became immediately apparent even to the final consumer .Dioti the aluminum price exceeded $ 1,800. Specifically, for 10 days of January, the value is continuously and incessantly was the way uphill.
Even the index of inventories showed a small increase of about 199 million tons between Stis 13/12/16 to 01/19/17. Point which is unprecedented in the two previous years.
At these conditions the risk to investors is reduced, but also the trend of progress is inevitable, with the honor to have as its basis the $ 1,800.


Fall of iron

New fall of the iron of 10 cents a kilogram recorded for the month of February .As the problems of the Greek economy continues to invade business tables .Paroli negative situation that exists in Europe, India reduced its imports sharply from the great iron imports into Turkey. Unlike the Taiwan bought large amounts of scrap material in bulk from Turkey. O container transport index in Europe began to slide. The outside Europe iron movement brings reduction of iron price.



Written by Theodoros Vichos