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Based on the data of economic recession in Greece, offered yet another problem with the institutions. This dimioyrgeisai a delay in the entity purchasing power both for the egchwria market and the global market.

So as a result of this data, the results have been evident in the field of metals such as iron. The iron at the start of the year 2017 us showed an upward trend as took place from February until mid-April. Namely iron touched the $290 which is the maximum value of time. He then fell into a slump of around $271 6% where the price of scrap tumbled by 10 € t.



This fall has investors to reduce profit for at least two months.

again-new-crude-oilAnother important factor where specifies the value of the iron is and the price of oil. Showed a rise in mid-April with the price touching in $56 a barrel. In this period was created and the high price of iron.

From this day 12/4/17 fall is evident even today.
With all that you mentioned the continuous downward trend of iron will be at the table of developments, which will reduce demand and thus production.


Written by Theodoros Vichos