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Our company takes the responsibility of reporting to you, where you ensure the progress of your metal .San most recognized forecasting company and aluminum analysis so today, like the other times have the idiom to inform you about developments.
After the big changes of the units of the Athens Stock Exchange general index, but also the big fall in crude oil Brent, has influenced both the business indicators, both the metal and mining. Leading mining have fallen and prices follow the fall. In particular the aluminum from the period 1/20/16 to 2/29/16 and has created anode 112 units and 5.68% changes .Pragma which creates a positive atmosphere in the market, because compared with other metals which are in negative terrain. But let us note that the stock remains downward.
The chart will show a strong reaction of which is reminiscent of the fluctuation of 2007-2008.
Our opinion on the prediction of the next month is that will range from $ 1,480 up to $ 1,560.

This may affect the aluminum volume, with the result that entrepreneurs invest because of the high risk and reduced profitability.

Recycling Metal Vichos | ANALYSIS OF ALUMINUM
Written by Theodoros Vichos