Recycling Metal Vichos | The battle of Aluminum
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Aluminum is a metal that in manufacturing but also in financial trading is always at the Centre of economic activities in each country worldwide. So has an advantage over other metals which makes it to be always on the negotiating table. This benefit is reflected in the indicator of aluminum as the variables that distinguish the world trade treaty.
One such example was created within days is the relationship of America and China.
The size of the Chinese aluminum production enables it to exercise strong influencein shaping the global price of the metal, which was precipitated in 2015, when domestic demand failed to keep pace with the tremendous levels of supply (production)of the product. By contrast the American production constantly downsizing, with the consultation of D. Trump allows to impose trade restrictions if he considers that some imports threaten u.s. national security.
Why where mention such a conflict is that demand for aluminum will rise in the long run. This helps countries like Greece to increase their production, due to its good quality.
Until today since our last report the indicator showed an increase of 2% which translates to a positive climate for the month of July. During its journey up to now showed steady progress and climb and descent. This climate makes the metal more stable in evolution but also investors are not risk with fear, because the class size fall but also rise is small. in our assessment the rise will not surpass the 23 days, because to ensure Greece’s Foundry value will be limited. This event happens every year affects only the recyclable material.αλου
Recycling Metal Vichos | The battle of Aluminum
Written by Theodoros Vichos