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The company RMV has managed to have a rich and dynamic association of suppliers.
But to continue the steady growth of our suppliers and your support, we mention the ways in which you can achieve the maximum sales price.

• One of the main ways is the material that no foreign matter eg. (Rubbers, plastics, glasses, woods and foreign metals) that there are no cuts in the sale.
• Regularly inform the manager of our company on the quantities present in your area. This brings results to anticipate a fall and a rise in default.

• Another important way is your material to be transported to our facilities to your own vehicle. This is a price increase of + 5%.
• The last but the most important factor for the best value is the desired tonnage. The tonnage determines the dynamics of a supplier, but also the existing potential of our cooperation. Specifically, our current partner may collect in the space of a sufficient amount of recyclable material that easily achieving a + 5% of the sale price.

With these above ways are sure to succeed with a predetermined and equally strong selling your recyclable material.
That is why cooperation with us determines the foundation of a conscious and ascending cooperation.





Written by Theodoros Vichos