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Today recorded fall the Greek aluminium foundries of about 4 cents a kilogram.
The reason that you create this fall is the high tonnage available that there is the establishment, with the result that pressed the Greek foundries for the introduction of new materials, where you will suffer and the closing in August.

Such a phenomenon is created every time regardless of the size of each material where it is concentrated.
But as a responsible company that collects and analyzes the metals we inform about such a presentation of the situation without mention for the size of the fall.
So in case you have tonnage for sale and want to become August call us the send us email and we will mention the ways of the stronger your sale where will exist at the specified time.
Yet the international aluminum price recorded a drop from the last week of July $29/mt. size Specific STIs 27/7/17 ended with the price $1938.00/mt today tends to close in $1909.25/mt. The floating time of July was the third highest of the year, despite an expected rise will appear from the 20th September onwards.
The bet for August is to insure the price at the close of chrimatistiriwn in $1900/mt, point which is difficult because the entry has a downward trend for the rest of the month.αλου
Written by Theodoros Vichos