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Based on the statistics of the month of May recorded an unexpected rise only that did not last long. As a result, the light metal to reach $ 1,500 wavering without a clear trend.
In China production cuts created, Alcoa can cut about 810 thousand. Tons from last year’s March, but so far the primary cast aluminum price does not meet (with rising disposal).
Limiting global aluminum production is reflected in the statistics of IAI, wherein a downward since August there onwards. While the aluminum stock has continuous decline since the beginning of 2014 until today where 2.501,62500t is a drop of 51%. The metal is not consumed but is bound by financial agreements out of the market, which means that the fall may be virtual.
With all these above where created around the rise of the domestic market is impossible therefore to reduced demand for primary cast material.


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Written by Theodoros Vichos