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With the decrease in production of China, as a result of new environmental regulations aluminum launched by 3%. Such a rise was recorded 29/2/2012, this predisposes a positive development for the white metal as demand increased the past couplemonths. The parameters of the market within the context of the reduced production of goods of China, has intensified the inequalities among the stock exchanges of London and Shanghai, these disparities have described the white metal as reduced risk. From early October until today aluminum is negotiating hard for a price stabilization. Since November the negotiations is not to positive level by close prices are witha negative sign. The effect of this motion will evolve up to the end of the week, to boot with the closing of Friday for the new week, where we will display a support base for the course of November.

αλουμινAluminum demand is expected to move upwards in the near future, as many of themajor economies that consume high amounts of light metal, show growth, with China’s main representative.
Another indicator of where supported metals are oil index. From the beginning of October has been enhanced by $7 with the value be less than $60 per barrel. It shows a decrease in yields of metals, as it increases production and processing costs. OPECand other producers will agree to extend until the end of next year to reduce production. The dollar will suffer a decline in the first quarter or the first half of the new year.
With these events where translates the path of aluminum, our prediction is that by the end of 2017, the price is likely to move down from the/MT $2000, but with the new measures on the domestic market of China, demand will grow in Europe but also in It America with a view to stabilise or rise. It would appear from the first quarter of the new year.
Written by Theodoros Vichos