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Rise recorded the aluminum price, which surpassed the $2000 and negotiate from there on. Specifically the aluminum had to record such price since September 2014. The rise is due to the dynamic image of China against America. With this fact created an increase in the General index of Shanghai for a short time. So and adversely affects the dollar. In this way the London Stock Exchange gained ground versus but international stock exchanges.

The issue that affects investors is how the rise this will be possible in the coming months. Mentioning that the 70% worldwide the absorbs China and thus directly affects how China treats all events. Analysts reckon that will shrink by 1/10 production, things that will show a decrease in the world market.

For the current cursor movement results in Europe are positive, showed a rise in theprice reaches the price difference with/mt $2096 $191/mt also recorded for four consecutive days of rise $123/mt.

Investors risk for aluminium and for this reason the race of climb will remain until I removed the fear of reduced production in China, where and looking at impossible.An issue that affects the domestic market is the large reserve available where each country of Europe. One such issue largely prevails in Greece, this helps companies extruding as the market of raw metal with but words the scrap material to be bought at a reduced price than the international price.αλουμινιο

Written by Theodoros Vichos