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Based on analysts’ forecasts for 2016 our country will move at 1% of GDP, while the Grexit will be hovering over the country. They also claim that the risk of exit of Greece from the euro area has not yet disappeared and that can be transferred for later. So 2016 will be a time that everyone will look elsewhere as creditors and citizens will take a breath for a short time.
Compare overall index from 2012 -2015
In teli 2012 until the December 2015 the index recorded a gross price in March 2014 at a price of 1369.56. From the time this period until today the index records fall Stis around 55% due to the major problems that have been created in our country. Therefore 2016 will move to the same trend with units to flirt 600.
Except that all investors hope the upward trend of the shares of trade and tourism.


Recycling Metal Vichos | Analysis and comparison for 2016
Written by Theodoros Vichos