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In our last report we mentioned the international price reduction and an increase in the price of extruding.
With this result the anticipated availability of aluminum is the fall. One such issue of international price and the increase of material deyterochytoy is the retreat in demand both in the egchwria market and the international market. The international trend and also the demand within the Greek industry is on par with the State of development of the country, where they are converted to values such as inflation and gross domestic Product. These two prices directly affect the development of aluminum, because it is the only raw ore and aluminium production production still exceeds 2,400,000 tonnes annually.

Nowadays the price inflation for the month of may (2016-2017) located at 1.2% and gross domestic product in the first quarter is located at 2016 -2017 0.4%.
The fall of aluminum based on the international price created by early May and continues until today. In may, however, is recorded a 4% recovery, a recovery where it doesn’t last long but did not give a sufficient result for investors. Even today as a base price has $1900/mt where makes reliable investment too small losses in which it has suffered.
Written by Theodoros Vichos