Recycling Metal Vichos | The risk of aluminum
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In continuous rise the cursor of aluminium with the price to have overcome the $2,100. A reference of the report of the Antaike notes that producers of China meet the needs of building and that will be limited. In our analysis we said prior to the risk of investors, after a month the risk remains on track despite the rise.

To mention that but greater dynamic metals have suffered losses. Aluminum is the most growing and more profitable metal worldwide, reason is the great task of the circuit.
The index recorded a rise of 3% size where brings profit to the companies rolled theextruded. Yet alter the movement of continuously during the day with a difference of 14 units. The is positive but fears remain for a fall size of 90 units up to the close of the year.
 Yet at the beginning of October fell where krateisai for five days with a price difference $70, with the passage of days the corrected value and the pointer rest on $2159/MT.
Another incident where potential to influence the current market but also the international price is the quoted reserve available where China holds. Therefore the risk ofan investment where it concerns the white metal is positive at least until December2017.
Recycling Metal Vichos | The risk of aluminum
Written by Theodoros Vichos