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The movers of the brass recorded an increase, with the rise of this created an atmosphere of expectations for investors to implement their plans since September and counts. Namely copper logged a rise of around 6% with the price to exceed $6500/MT.

Zinc showed significant gains in value to exceed the/MT $2900. A size value was again display in September 2007. Instead lead recorded fall 5% size where affected the brass by 3% in value. The index recorded an increase of 5% because of the increase in the price of copper where influenced him at 57%; then the index began to take the negative course where it appears until today.
Our assessment for all these events that affect the price of brass is that I suffered a fall of 5% reduction in price of copper floor. This will last for at least ten to fifteen days. For the domestic market value will be changed from 5 to 10 units per kilo.ορειχαλκοσ
Written by Theodoros Vichos